Environmental Activities

Until now, and from now on

Kowa Group, a manufacturing and trading conglomerate with operating bases and markets both in Japan and overseas, deals with the environment in various ways as our business expands and develops. As a company on an irreplaceable earth, we continuously strive to act on our awareness of what we can do for the global environment.
In order to implement and operate an ISO14001-compliant environmental management system (EMS), all our group companies work together to promote environmental conservation initiatives.

Kind to humans, kind to the earth

Kowa Company’s efforts in organic cotton for the development of eco-friendly products

LEDs, lighting demanded by the times

Kowa Group’s LED Project aims to spread the use of environmentally-friendly LED lights

Connecting the future with light and wind

Kowa Group’s solar- and wind-power initiatives designed for the propagation of environmentally-friendly renewable energy

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